Martyrs’ Memorial

Bakı Türk şəhidliyi / Bakü Türk Şehitleri Anıtı

The Baku Turkish Martyrs’ Memorial is dedicated to the 1,130 Ottoman soldiers and officers of the Army of Islam killed in action in the Battle of Baku during World War I in Azerbaijan. It is part of the Martyrs’ Lane in Baku. It consists of a monument, an alley with name plates of the martyrs and a mosque.

The monument is a two-story pyramidal frustum with square bases, of which truncated corners are carved out so that it appears a sort of octagonal frustum. It is covered by red granite having star and crescent figures made of pure white marble on each of the fout main faces that resembles the Turkish national flag. On one side, an inscription is carved underneath the star and crescent figure. On the flagpoles behind the monument, flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan wave. On the surrounding walls of the alley to the monument, the names of the martyrs with their military rank, hometown and death place are displayed side by side. The inauguration of the monument took place in presence of Turkish President Süleyman Demirel and Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev with a prestigious ceremony on September 15, 1999.

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