부산 / Pusan

Busan was one of the only two major cities in South Korea, not being captured by the North Korean army during the Korean War. As a result, the city became refugee camp sites for Koreans during the war.

As it was one of the few areas in Korea that remained under the control of South Korea throughout the Korean War, for some time it served as a temporary capital of the Republic of Korea. UN troops established a defensive perimeter around the city known as the Pusan Perimeter in the summer and autumn of 1950.

The advance party of the Turkish Brigade  arrived in Busan on 12 October 1950. The main body arrived five days later, after which it went into bivouac near Daegu where it underwent training and received US equipment. A total of 14,936 personnel were dispatched by Turkey, with 1,005 losing their lives during the war. The Turkish Brigade was disbanded in 1960.

Sights of interest

United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea
> United Nations Peace Park Sculpture

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