Turkic Currency

Coins and banknotes can tell you a story about the culture, habits and religion of countries. You can see how countries develop during time. Some changed from kingdoms into republics and sometimes from republics into kingdoms. Coins and banknotes are the perfect evidence of history for a country.

Because Turks were nomads, they have travelled around many areas of Eurasia and Northern Africa. They ruled over many of these regions with their dynasties and left a lot of marks around the world. From the large federation of nomadic tribes to the young republics in Central Asia, Caucasus and Anatolia, all have their own stamp in architecture or left a legend in certain places. The ideology, culture, traditions and religion of those states and dynasties can be seen in the design of their coins and later also in banknotes.

Tujue has a small collection of currency from current and historical Turkic states. These pages will give you information about coins and banknotes which circulated as official currency in these states. As the addition of correct information takes time, it may take a while before these pages are complete.

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