Old Bridge

Stari Most /ย Mostar Kรถprรผsรผ

The Old Bridge is an 16th century Ottoman bridge in the city of Mostar that cresses the Neretva and connects the two parts of the city. The stone bridge was erected in 1566 on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent. The 28 metres long and 20 metres high bridge quickly became of wonder in its own time and later also becoming the cityโ€™s symbol. The Old Bridge was designed by Mimar Hayruddin, a student and apprentice of Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan.

It stood for 427 years, until it was destroyed on 9 November 1993 by Croat military forces during the Croat โ€“ Bosniak War. Subsequently, a project was set in motion to reconstruct it and was reopened on 23 July 2004.


โ€œThe bridge is like a rainbow arch soaring up to the skies, extending from one cliff to the other. โ€ฆ I, a poor and miserable slave of Allah, have passed through 16 countries, but I have never seen such a high bridge. It is thrown from rock to rock as high as the sky.โ€



The Old Bridge seen from the Neretva riverย (09.10.2016)
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