Monument to Sultan Fatih Mehmetโ€™s soldiers

Spomenik Sultan Fatih Mehmetovim vojnicima / Kamengrad Tรผrk ลžehitliฤŸi

This monument is built in memory of the soldiers who died during the conquest of Kamengrad near Sanski Most city in 1463 by Fatih Sultan Mehmed.

It is one of the few preserved cultural and historical monuments in Sanski Most. It is located about ten kilometers northwest of the city in the village of Donji Kamengrad. The National Monument consists of a mihrab, a canopy, cemetery and a Martyrsโ€™ Monument. According to folklore, Mehmed II formed the first Friday prayer there during the conquest of Kamengrad. After the Bosnian War, the buildings were restored and the Friday prayer has been performed there since.

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