Szigetvár / Zigetvar

The Szigetvár Castle in Baranya was besieged by Suleiman the Magnificent, which was leading his army of 80,000 soldiers in person in the summer of 1566. The fortification blocked his way westwards towards Vienna on his second attempt to capture the capital of the Habsburg Austria. While the defenders of the castle were outnumbered, the battle still lasted from August 6 till September 8. On September 6, Sultan Suleiman died of natural causes at the age of 72 in his imperial tent beside the battlefield. His death was kept secret at great effort and shortly after Suleiman’s death, Miklós Zrinyi was killed in action during the final battle and the castle thus fell into Ottoman hands.

The city of Szigetvár remained under Ottoman control for 122 years. Between 1596 and 1600, the town was capital of the Ottoman Sigetvar Eyalet and afterwards became part of the Kanije Eyalet. During this period, the Ottomans built mosques, Turkish baths and schools. Some buildings still exist dating back to Ottoman era, whereas some of the monuments were demolished after recapture by the Habsburg Hungary.

Sights of interest

Hungarian – Turkish Friendship Park

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