Hungarian – Turkish Friendship Park

Magyar – Török Barátság Park / Macar – Türk Dostluk Parkı

The Hungarian – Turkish Friendship Park was established in 1994 and is dedicated in memorial to the Battle of Szigetvár fought in 1566 between the Ottoman Empire and the Hungarian and Croatian defenders of the Szigetvár Castle. The park was established on the 500th anniversary of Sultan Suleiman’s birth upon the initiative and with the subsidy of the Republic of Turkey. The location was chosen because it is near the spot where the heart of Sultan Suleiman is thought to be buried. When it was opened, the establishment of the park caused objection across Hungary, because it included only the larger-than-life head sculpture of Sultan Suleiman. In 1997, the bust of Miklós Zrínyi was commissioned to the same sculptor. Its placement of side-by-side, rather than confronting one another, helped to calm down the protesters.

In 1996, a drinking fountain in Ottoman architectural style was built in the park with its tiles and marbles sent from Turkey. The park includes also a symbolic grave for Sultan Suleiman’s intestines, a symbolic marble türbe, big sculptures of Szigetvár’s coat of arms and the tughra of Sultan Suleiman.

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