In den vergulden Turk

In den vergulden Turk / “Altın yaldızlı Türk”

A monument in Leiden, which is built in the style of Dutch classicism. The building was completed in 1673 and was part of the department store Vroom & Dreesmann from 1962.

In the pediment there are some sculptures by Pieter Xavery. These are from left to right: the Roman god Neptune, a Turk and the Roman god Mercury. The building was built for the merchants Le Pla, from the east. Hence also the image of the merchant in the middle of the pediment. The images of the gods of the sea (Neptune) and trade (Mercury) symbolize overseas trade. The gods can be recognized by the trident of Neptune and the caduceus of Mercury.

The classic building style of the building is expressed in the pilasters with Composite Capitals, and especially on the fronton decorated with sculptures. The name of the building is written on the continuous frieze and reads “In the gilded Turk”.

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