Sint Anna ter Muiden

Sint Anna ter Muiden / Sint Anna ter Muiden

Sint Anna ter Muiden is a Dutch town in the province of Zeeland. It is located on the westernmost point of the Netherlands (excluding the kingdom’s other countries and its special municipalities) and has the title of smallest Dutch city with a population of 50 (second smallest place after Staverden, which was never granted city rights).

The coat of arms of Sint Anna ter Muiden was awarded on July 31, 1817. Since the manicipality was dissolved in 1880, the CoA is no longer in use. It is this CoA which has relation to the Turkic heritage. The black anchor symbolizes the importance that Sint Anna ter Muiden had as a seaport. According to the municipality, the moon and sun indicate the importance of trade with the Ottoman Turks. According to the letter in which the coat of arms was requested, it is stated that the sun and moon are reference to the Turks who traded with Bruges via Sint Anna ter Muiden. The CoA can also be found on the town hall of Bruges, with a star instead of a sun.

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