Turkish Airlines monument

A monument near Zwanenburg, which is built to commemorate the Turkish Airlines crash on 25 February 2009. It is unveiled at the crash site. The mayor of Haarlemmermeer and business representatives of the United States and Turkey and the management of Turkish Airlines laid wreaths. Nine walnut trees surround the monument in memory of the nine fatalities.

On 25 February 2009, a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft, crashed into a field approximately 1.5 kilometres north of the Polderbaan runway (18R), prior to crossing the A9 motorway inbound, at 09:26 UTC, having flown from Istanbul, Turkey. The aircraft broke into three pieces on impact. The wreckage did not catch fire, but resulting in the death of nine passengers and crew, including all three pilots, who died on impact.

View of the crash site on 25 February 2009
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