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We at Tujue strive to preserve and promote Turkic history and culture. Our goal is to chase Turkic legends and relics around the world and explore Turkic heritage.

When one looks at Turkic history, we see a number of conflicts that are very sensitive or where facts and fables are mixed up. We have therefore given ourselves the task of finding out the facts surrounding events in Turkic-speaking countries. Our focus is mainly on the events between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and her predecessor(s). Tujue wants to make historical facts surrounding the Armenian question and the most recent developments around Nagorno-Karabakh available for information.

Given the sensitivity of the Armenian issue and the Karabakh conflict, we as an independent institute want to discuss these topics as neutrally as possible. It is indisputable that many hundreds of thousands of people died in the waning days of both the Ottoman Empire and the Soviet Union. What is at issue in this matter, however, are the facts and opinions surrounding these conflicts. These are highlighted in the media from the Armenian point of view, while opponents only see it from the Turkish and Azerbaijani side.

In addition to these topics, we highlight some other conflicts related to Turkic-speaking countries or groups.

The Armenian Issue

In the waning days of the Ottoman Empire, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives. Can these events be labeled as genocide or is there another side to the story?
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The Karabakh Conflict

Territorial integrity of a country and the self-government of a people are the cause of the territorial and ethnic conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Karabakh region.
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A Nuclear Problem at the border

The Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant is one of the few remaining Soviet nuclear reactors and is located in the middle of the Earth’s most earthquake-prone terrain.
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